Feedback & Complaints

We value your feedback

At Warmer Homes West Midlands we aim to provide consistently high quality services, and maintain strong working practices. That means we’re constantly reviewing and reassessing our processes and ways of working. To do this, we’re keen to take into account the views and opinions of the people we work with, including the people we support and related partner organisations. Whether things are going well or not, we’d like to hear from you.

Informal feedback

If you would like to give us informal feedback on any aspect of our service, including compliments and suggestions of improvement, you can do this by calling, emailing or writing to us using the contact form which can be found in our contact us page on this website. If you are pleased with the service you have received or want to thank a member of staff, we’d be especially happy to hear how Warmer Homes West Midlands has helped you.

Informal comments and feedback may be shared internally and used to inform or improve our services, but please note that we will not acknowledge and respond to these as we would do for a formal complaint.

If you have given us some useful feedback, we may use it anonymously in our public communications, including our or social media channels.

Your name will never be used unless you have given us express permission to do so for promotion of our service.


Formal complaints

If something has gone wrong, or you want to let us know about something that concerns you at Warmer Homes West Midlands please contact us as soon as possible.

In the first instance, please speak to the person you have been dealing with (the energy advisor and community outreach worker who has been working with you) or ask to speak to their manager. We find that most problems can be sorted out more easily and improvements made quickly this way. However, if you feel that this isn’t possible, please consider making a formal complaint. A formal complaint should ideally be made in writing to our Warmer Homes West Midlands head office address or by our email address and, for the avoidance of doubt, be clearly marked as “a complaint”.

Our full complaints policy and process can be found on this Comments and Complaints Policy for website link, but to summarise:

  • All complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt.
  • All complaints will be allocated a formal complaint number and will be included for your ease of reference on all correspondence.
  • If the complaint relates to an individual, it will be allocated to their manager and escalated onwards as necessary
  • And; Feedback will be provided to the complainant within 20 working days of receipt of your complaint.